AR-15 Tac-Con™ 241 with AMBIDEXTROUS Selector
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Due to high demand it may take up to two weeks to ship your 241 trigger system. Thank you for understating and we appreciate your business.

Tac-con™ USA is proud to release the 241 Trigger for the AR-15.

We’ve heard the needs of our customers and Tac-Con has combined its blazing-fast 3MR assisted-reset technology with a precision two-stage trigger, providing you the ultimate all in one, simple, drop-in replacement system.

Now shooters can quickly transition from rapid fire to ultra-precise long range shot placement with the simple switch of the 3-mode selector. The 241 trigger system utilizes the standard "Fire" position for its 4.5lb assisted-reset mode, while the 180 degree, "full auto," position activates the two-stage mode.

The two-stage mode features a controllable 3.5lb take up with a clean, crisp 1lb break for the ultimate in precision shot placement.


- Drop-In Trigger
- 2 Stage Precision Modes
- Positive Reset in 3rd Mode
- Semi-auto is a Match Grade
- Pull Rate 4 ½ Pounds
- Zero-Take & No Overtravel

- Full EDM & CNC’d in USA
- Coated in NP3 (Nickel Teflon)

- BATFE Compliant/Non-NFA

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  • Item #: tac241
  • Manufacturer: Tac-Con

AR-15 Tac-Con™ 241 with AMBIDEXTROUS Selector

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